RJF Professional Advisory Committee

Richmond Jewish Foundation is privileged to have so many talented professionals using their skills to secure a brighter future for Judaism in our community and beyond. Lawyers, financial consultants, estate planners, accountants, and business professionals in the metro Richmond area are called to serve on our RJF Professional Advisory Committee (RPAC).

RPAC members work with our professional staff to spread the word about Jewish philanthropic opportunities to their clients, colleagues and friends. They then advise prospective donors on a host of tax-smart giving opportunities including the establishment of new endowment funds, donor advised funds, trusts, bequests, life insurance policies and IRAs.

RPAC members are committed to educating local professionals from a variety of disciplines about planned giving opportunities for their clients. They encourage others to promote the concept of planned giving and the benefits of giving back to the community, and they help each other enhance their skills and effectiveness.

Involvement also provides an invaluable forum for networking, the opportunity to attend first-class seminars featuring local and nationally recognized financial experts. In addition, RPAC hosts the prestigious “Jack Paul Fine Mitzvah Society” with its annual cocktail reception that honors professionals who have been instrumental in leading their clients to make planned gifts to RJF and the annual Edward S. Hirschler Memorial Seminar.

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