Anne & S. Sidney Meyers Endowment Achievement Award

S. Sidney Meyers, of blessed memory, and his wife Anne, created an award to be presented to community members who are outstanding contributors to the field of Jewish endowments, whether on a local, regional or national basis. The Meyers believed that the award would encourage others to become involved and benefit the community. The Anne and S. Sidney Meyers Endowment Achievement Award honors those who have promoted the growth of Richmond Jewish Foundation, given financially and exhibited the qualities of “leadership, vision, imagination and activity.”

Richmond Jewish Foundation recognizes the following winners of the Anne & S. Sidney Meyers Endowment Achievement Award:

1996 Samuel Wurtzel

1997 Edward Hirschler

1998 S. Sidney Meyers

1999 Anne Fischer

2000 David Long

2001 Jerome Gumenick

2002 Jack Fine

2003 Irwin Schapiro

2004 Harold Horwitz

2005 Marcia Penn

2006 Neil & Sara Bell November

2007 Malcolm & Willa Kalman

2008 Abby Moore

2009 Stewart Kasen

2010 Hortense Wolf

2011 Stuart Siegel

2012 Steve Markel

2013 Mark Sisisky

2014 Moses Maimonides Society

2015 Charles and Yvonne Gold

2016 Debra Gardner

2018 Charles (OBM) and Sue Harowitz